From Tom Pierson…

fiddlers playingIf I could comment on the May issue of the Baystrings, I would say that these great people helped change my life in ways that got me to this point and it all started with Joe Paviglianti. I was sitting home alone a lot and found a copy of the Tri-City free newspaper, called about the Jam and was kindly given directions and quickly put on stage by Joe.

I was running out of options, having done heavy construction for 36 years, because my body felt like an old rusty truck run hard then left in the field. I have to say I had thoughts of giving up as I watched a 90-year-old dancing to Fiddle music.

I truly miss the members of my family from this generation who are all gone and having been a fledgling musician since the ’70s, I have never encountered this level of generosity and kindness. As you might know us Rock and Rollers from the ’60s are a little spoiled and self-obsessed.

I made more great friends like Big John and Don Amick, and Larry Sadler invited me to come and play at The Masonic Home in Union City. I started going up there and am now on a first-name basis with about 200 more of the Greatest Generation. As I regularly visit my friends in the hospital wing of the home I feel as close as I have ever been to understanding God’s will for me. I thought I was doing them a favor and words cannot express what they have done for me.

Oh Yeah, then I met Ruth…

Tom Pierson

Tom proposing to Ruth May 2013From the May 2013 newsletter

“Tom proposed to Ruth, and of course she said yes.”

And yes, it happened right here at the District 9 jam, folks! Come on out and join us! You never know what adventures await…